Snorfcon 2011 Postponed due to lack of participants

Aug 31st, 2011 | By | Category: News, Snorfcon Oslo 2011

We have currently 6 people signed up where 3 were from abroad. This is a bit disappointing but who we should be disappointed at is another matter.

Maybe the information hasn’t been good or timely enough? I doubt there is lack of interest for the general idea. Therefore we are postponing Snorfcon and want feedback on when to arrange it.

We’re consider November 2011 to be the earliest feasible date. We have created a  doodle pad where interested people/groups can enter their preferred time for the next Snorfcon.

We also aim to bring out some printable written materials to make it easier to join Snorfcon. For example a guide on how to pick a topic for snorfcon aimed at both established and new (future?) groups/cons.

PS. To those who have already paid the particpation fee we will refund them or give them similar tickets to the next Snorfcon.


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