Snorfcon 2010

The Snorfcon concept was revived as an experiment in 2010. The goal was to gauge the demand for a nordic smofing event and experiment with new conference techniques that both increase participation and reduce the workload for the con committee.

Initially there was some scepticism among the participants from the former Snorfcon events. However our prayers to the eldar SMOFs were finally answered and with their tentative blessing we were given permission to use the Snorfcon name.

The theme was chosen to be “the care and feeding of a large convention” (defined as a convention with more than a thousand members/attendees).

With a budget of zero NOK,  much lobbying and with old primitive homepages we managed to gather 25 participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland for a two day conference.

Surprisingly the techniques and how we build the programme worked beyond expectations. In fact, it was fantastic and fun! We had a lot of wonderful conversations, a lot of laughter and the participants were (to our knowledge) more than satisfied. For being an experiment we would say it succeded well above any expectations.

Groups that announced their interest in Snorfcon 2010

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