Snorfcon 2011

If you haven’t attended or hear about SNorfcon before, please check out our introduction and history.

This years Snorfcon happends on the 23 – 25 of September in Oslo, Norway.  The afternoon on friday the 23rd is reserved for an purely social event since the people traveling from abroad need time to arrive and prepare for the following weekend.

On Saturday the 24th we start of with an presentation and HowTo at 10:00 before every group and participant presents themself at 10:30. Saturday will be an intense day of discussions with only a single break from 14:00 – 16:00 before we end at around 19:00 in the evening. We finish of the saturday by all go out for dinner together and attending the memorial dinner for ‘Johannes Berg’, one of the Eldar SMOFs who lived, fought and died for Norwegian fandom.

On Sunday the 25th we start a bit later at 11:00 and end everything at 16:00. This day is intended for feedback, planning and discussing what to do in the future. Food and snacks will be served for free during Snorfcon on Saturday and Sunday.

If there are changes we will announce it on our News page.

If you want to know what our theme for this year is and what’s in the programme, check out the programme schedule page.

Want to attend? Read more about attending and how to order a ticket on our attending snorfcon page.