Attending Snorfcon 2011

The undeniable ‘cost’ of attending the international Snorfcon tracks is that you have to propose and plan a presentation on a topic you choose.  hint: check out our guiding principles for more information.

We have three types of tickets available for Snorfcon 2011.
Ticket A: Free tickets for the norwegian language social event on friday.
Ticket B: Free tickets for the international programme on saturday-sunday.
Ticket C: Tickets that cost 675 NOK (85 Euro) for the international programme. These are reserved for participants traveling from abroad  and includes housing an flight tickets from the nearest capitol city.

Booking tickets

Booking tickets for Snorfcon 2011 is now possible through eventbrite, an online ticket agency that transfers funding by paypal. However, your group/con have to decide on a topic before you can order the B and C type of tickets!

More about Tickets type C.

  1. The first 15 of the ticket type C are offered at an discount, at only 575NOK (72 euro) as a reward for providing a topic early. Depending on what deal we can get for airline tickets and hotels we will later open up sales on the last 10 tickets (for a total of 25 tickets).
  2. Contact us ASAP if your part of a larger group that wish ticket type C but your living in a non-capitol city that has direct flights to Oslo with (check it out before contacting us!). Maybe we can change the tickets to cover such an eventuality if we get warning early enough.
  3. We try to book hotels with two persons pr. room, unless were told otherwise it will be twin bed rooms booket from friday evening to sunday.