Attending Snorfcon 2012 (old)

The undeniable ‘cost’ of attending the international Snorfcon tracks is that you have to propose and plan a presentation on a topic you choose. hint: check out our guiding principles for more information.

We have made some changes to the ticket structure compared with 2011. Currently there are three types of tickets available:
Ticket A: “Free rider” tickets for any and all participants. These are NOT sponsored in any way.
Ticket B: Tickets that include a flight REFUND of 80e for nordic participants traveling from abroad. (Deadline December 17th 2011.)
Ticket C: Tickets that include both a flight refund of 80e AND a hotel bed. Warning: The deadline for ordering these is November 19th 2011!

Both B and C tickets are reserved for nordic participants traveling from abroad.


Booking tickets

Booking tickets for Snorfcon 2012 is now possible through eventbrite, an online ticket agency.

  • We try to book hotels with two persons pr. room, unless were told otherwise it will be twin bed rooms booket from friday evening to sunday.