Guiding Principles

Convention Themes
Each Snorfcon has a theme chosen by the con committee. The themes chosen are meant to be a guideline and helpful starting point for the participants who are writing their own topic presentation. However, the topic is inclusive, not exclusive. All topics that are relevant for the participants should be accepted.

Guiding principle 1: You create the discussion

Every group or organisation who wish to participate at Snorfcon must give a presentation on a topic they have prepared and chosen beforehand. The presentation should usually be about 15 minutes long followed by about 45 minutes of discussion.The topic should be in an area of interest where the group has knowledge, experiences or about something they are currently struggling with and wish feedback on.

Guding Principle 2: Participate and vote with your feet

During a snorfcon event the most important rule is to Vote with your feet. This means that if something is uninteresting your should go and do something else. Besides, all con venues have space set aside for spontaneous discussions and socializing. If you attend Snorfcon you have a social obligation to participate. We are all different, some are more outgoing than others. Everyone should participate and try to add something to a discussion. If you find a discussion uninteresting, try to create your own or make the current one more interesting by offering a different perspective.

Guiding Principle 3: The most important first
Everyone should get a chance to say something. Try to plan what you want to say so you say the most important parts first. If you like to talk a lot, remember that not everything you say is equally important. So say the most important bits first and then let everybody else get a chance to say something before you rejoin a discussion. If your someone who talks less, say your most important things first because otherwise there is a chance you wont get to say it.