Snorfcon 2012 (Linköping)

If you haven’t attended or hear about Snorfcon before, please check out our introduction and history.

This years Snorfcon will happen 17-19 of August 2012 in Linköping, Sweden. We start on friday afternoon at 17.00 with introductions and presentations of the participants. There will be a dinner at 20.00 which is free for all participants.

On Saturday we start at 10.00 and there will be 6 discussion session with two tracks during the day. Saturday  will be an intense day of discussions with only a single break from 11.30-13.00 before we end at around 20:00 in the evening.

On Sunday we also start at 10:00 and end everything at 13.30. There will be two discussion sessions during the day and the day will end with a feedback session.

If there are changes we will announce it on our News page.


Snorfcon 2012 schedule

We will provide breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday and some snacks during the days, the other meals you will have to get yourself.
Sleeping space is provided in the same building as the conference “camping style”, if you want
More info can be found in the information in the Invitation letter.